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The crowning event of any tooth’s life is the moment when it realizes it’s made it with you to the grave without ever getting a cavity, breaking, or otherwise failing you. Macabre humor aside, that’s a pretty true statement. If your teeth make it to the grave with you, they did their job.

If something happens to them, though, there are a few options to choose from to help restore teeth to their former glory. One of those options is dental crowns.

What are they?
Dental crowns are exactly what they sound like – a crown for your teeth. They’re usually made from some kind of plastic or ceramic material, and they’re used to help restore a tooth to its former usability. You’ll need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Joey de Graffenried to see if they’re right for you, however.

Why would I need one?
You need a crown when some sort of damage has happened to your teeth – usually the biting surface of a molar – that makes the tooth less effective and stable than it previously was. Crowns end up making your teeth nearly as stable and healthy as they were.

How do they work?
Crowns are sized to cover the entire damaged area of an affected tooth. Usually, they have to be ground down a bit to fit the new crown. This is called forming an abutment. Then, once everything fits right, the crown is glued onto the abutment. You’re left with something that looks, functions, and feels like a brand-new tooth.

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