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As with all oral health risks, it is important to make sure that you’re not only treating your smile correctly, but you are establishing effective prevention plans to ensure risks do not arise. Numerous tooth hazards are present in our day-to-day lives, so is important to make sure we are taking the necessary steps to keep our smiles safe. Listed below are common tooth hazards to be aware of:

– Sports drinks may give you the energy boost you want, but they’re also loaded with heaps of sugar that can severely impair your oral health.
– Despite the fact that fruit juice may seem healthy, it is routinely loaded with numerous unhealthy ingredients including added sugar.
– Exercise caution with sodas and similar fruit drinks that are loaded with sugar. Moreover, sodas contain phosphoric and citric acids which are known to eat away at your tooth enamel.
– Exercise caution when consuming starchy foods like potato chips, as bacteria and plaque can break down the ingredients in them into acids that can eat through tooth enamel.
– Do not open any products or packaging with your teeth, as doing so can severely damage your teeth and gums.
– Beware that snacking frequently throughout the day or in between meals can drastically increase your risk of damage to your teeth and gums.
– Stay away from sticky or chewy sweets such as the gummy candies, as they can stick to your teeth and gums long after consumption and drastically raise the rate at which tooth decay will occur.

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