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The development of a cavity in one of your teeth can be treated with different oral health care options, though dental fillings are the most common because they offer a variety and styles to meet your dental care needs with customized care. For example, you can receive fillings that appear as a natural part of your teeth or are customized to the size of your cavity. Our dentist can provide insight on how fillings can benefit your smile.

Tooth colored fillings are also known as composite dental fillings. Their tooth-colored appearance is matched to the custom color of your original tooth structure. Our dentist may recommend composite fillings if your cavities are microscopic and don’t require the use of dental amalgams.

Despite their durability, dental filling can be weakened and compromised by an oral accident or injury. Traditional fillings, which are also called dental amalgams need to be removed completely in order to allow a new filling to be placed, but because composite fillings are placed in layers, they can be placed over each other before the filling as a whole needs to be removed.

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