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“I believe healthy people make a healthy world. I believe loved people love better. I believe loving people with health will create people who love better with bigger impact, more productivity and a better world.” – Dr. Josh

Join our team of talented, fun and caring professionals at J. de Graffenried Dentistry!
We are a patient-centric practice that pride ourselves on leaving each person who visits our dental office in Kilgore, TX with a healthy smile. Our friends become our patients and our patients become our friends. We provide excellent opportunities for education, training and growth, and we provide a culture of sharing knowledge, teaching and encouraging one another in everything we do.

We also host quarterly team events, charity events and opportunities for travel, gifts and bonuses.

If you are interested in joining our team and working with our talented dentists, fill out the forms below and contact us today. Please call us at 903-218-4044 if you have any questions.

A Great Place to Call Home

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Kilgore is the best small town in East Texas, located between big cities and large towns. Local flavor, surprisingly rich culture, supportive community and the perfect family environment
— we have it all!
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