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Are you familiar with the risk factors for gum disease? Gum disease, also commonly referred to as periodontal disease, is a serious gum tissue infection in which you are suffering damage to the gum tissues within your mouth. By being aware of the risk factors for gum disease, you can greatly minimize the chances of you developing the condition. Frequently asked questions regarding risk factors for gum disease are as follows:

Question: What does gum disease refer to?
Gum disease refers to issues associated with infections within the tissues in your mouth, which is a common, yet serious illness that will require treatment.

Question: What are some of the risk factors often linked to gum disease?
Several common risk factors for gum disease include poor oral hygiene, which could be linked to a failure to keep your mouth clean and free of debris and plaque buildup as well as a failure to visit your dentist for professional cleanings and regular checkups. Other frequent risk factors for gum disease include the use of drugs or tobacco, genetic dispositions, a pregnancy, diabetes, a poor diet, dry mouth and changes in your hormonal levels.

Question: How can risk factor prevention help prevent further damage caused by gum disease?
By setting forth an effective risk factor prevention plan, you can dramatically lower your risk of suffering from gum disease by eliminating risk factors that can give rise to the condition.

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