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Root canal therapy
Restorative Care


Root Canal Therapy

Nobody likes hearing the words "root canal." But a root canal actually allows you to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. 

When infection or deep decay reaches deep into the pulp of a tooth, our dentists may recommend a root canal. Our doctors are highly trained in root canal therapy and will make sure you are comfortable during your procedure. 

During root canal treatment, the dentist will clean out the infected or decayed portion of the tooth and fill it with a medicated material. The tooth will be covered with a restoration, such as a dental crown, to make it strong, healthy, and natural-looking. 

At J. de Graffenried Dentistry, root canal therapy can be completed with minimal discomfort. Our skilled, caring doctors and assistants use advanced techniques and anesthesia to provide you with a comfortable experience each time you visit our office. 

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