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At J. de Graffenried Dentistry, a dental filling is a quick, painless process.
Restorative Care


Dental Fillings

A dental filling is used to repair minor to moderate tooth decay or damage. At J. de Graffenried Dentistry, you have the choice of options to make sure your filling is a comfortable, painless process. 

A filling can be completed in just one visit to our office. The decayed or damaged portion of the tooth is removed. The tooth area is cleaned, and the filling material is inserted and smoothed so match the shape of your natural tooth. 

Fillings can be made of a variety of materials. We offer filling materials that blend with your natural tooth color to restore your confident, beautiful smile. 

If left untreated, tooth decay will progress and require more significant restoration procedures. Regular dental cleanings and exams will help you prevent decay and correct any problems before they become more advanced. 

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