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Gum grafting can improve the appearance of your smile.
Cosmetic Care


Gum Grafting

Our dentists may recommend gum grafting to improve the appearance of your smile if you have an uneven gum line or to correct gum recession (gingival recession). 

Gum tissue may recede as a result of gum disease (periodontal disease). Aggressive brushing can also lead to receding gums. Receding gums make teeth look longer. Left untreated, gum recession exposes the root of the tooth, which can damage bones supporting the teeth and lead to tooth loss. 

Our dentists are highly trained in gum grafting. During the procedure, the dentist will stitch a small piece of soft tissue, usually taken from the roof of your mouth or surrounding gums, over the graft area. Material from a tissue bank may also be used. Our dentists will help you determine the type of graft best suited to your needs. Our dentists and assistants do everything we can to make sure you are always comfortable during every visit to our office. 

If you  have an uneven gum line, you may want to learn more about gum grafting to improve the appearance of your smile. Call us today at 903-218-4044 to book your appointment.


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